Ekhaya Gym


Being at home shouldn’t prevent you from crushing your workout. Ekhaya Gym – a convenient solution to staying healthy and active in your home or office.

Intuitive space-saving design means the Ekhaya gym can be used as a table, ottoman or simply packed away into the box when your workout is complete. Unlock your fitness potential by following our virtual classes with fitness experts taking you through all the exercises with carefully designed workouts.

Unlock Your Potential

Being at home shouldn’t stop you from working out. Introducing Ekhaya Gym – a convenient solution for staying healthy and active right from the comfort of your home or office. 

The Ekhaya Gym holds the key to unlocking your fitness potential and offer all South Africans the ability to lead an active, healthy lifestyle with this easy to use solution.

Workout with the Professionals

Follow virtual classes where our fitness experts will take you through all the exercises with carefully designed workouts.

Instructional videos guide you how to use the equipment for maximum effectiveness.

Customize your Personal Ekhaya Gym

Personalize your bundle

Mix and match equipment according to your own style and fitness goals to create your own personal unique experience.

NOTE: The base ‘Ekhaya Standard Plyo Box’ is a required item to build your own bundle.

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