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Get inspired! Start your own personal journey after sign-up by completing our ‘aspiration finder survey’ and we’ll get you moving and exercising, monitoring your progress every step of the way.


Technology at your fingertips! We use specialised tests and questionnaires to collect and process information on your very specific needs and goals. Then we customise your training programme and schedule, defining all next steps for maximum health and wellness results.


Go for it! Get immediate access to training programmes from ‘do-it-yourself’ to personal coaching. Our trainers have access to new training programs and video-guided exercises to improve and track your performance.


Stay on track! Use the MyWellness app to receive personalised, intuitive training tips from your trainer. Interact with both gym and non-gym members. Receive your special MyWellness Band and TechnoGym Key for gym and locker access control, vending machine purchases, exercise set-up and performance tracking. Plus – full class and console connectivity.


Exponential goal-tracking and wellness outcomes with an intuitive alert service that let’s you whether you’re at risk of dropping out so that you can re-focus your efforts as we help re-engage you to get you back to your very best mentally and physically.

Member Journey


We help members define their needs by completing the aspiration finder.


Results are the best motivators. We monitor every step of our members progress.


We leverage customizable testing & questionnaires to collect relevant information on needs and goals, assign each member to the right group and define next steps.

A complete platform for programming and exercising, indoors and outdoors. We offer different levels of programming: from 'do it yourself' to personal coaching and programming.


Our trainers can access new training programs and video-guided exercises to improve and track our members performance. We can show members how they can follow their training program directly on a smartphone or other connected devices.


Our members can choose their preferred device for a connected experience: smartphone, mywellness Technogym key.

Outdoor Training

Using the Mywellness app, as well as other third-party apps, our members can even keep track of their outdoor training for a global view of their activities.

Connected and engaging format experience

Class Management

Using the Mywellness app our members can book a class, reserve a spot, join a waiting list.

Group Training

From classes to circuit session. With the Mywellness solution for heart rate and classes, our members can book, enjoy and track classes activities.

Remote Interaction

Using the Mywellness app, our members can receive personalized training tips from their trainer. This will build motivation and keep them on track.

MyWellness App

Mywellness app allows us to converse with members and non-members of the gym. It is an essential tool to engage and interact with all employees countrywide even at branch level promoting all wellness services.

Connected Experience

Provide your clients the most intuitive experience in your gym with Mywellness band or Technogym key. The personal device's logo can be personalized.

Keeping our members motivated

A New Experience

We can configure the myHealth cloud to the specific wellness requirements.

Avoid Drop-Outs

We use an alert service lets you check which members are at risk of dropping out of training and focus our efforts on re-engaging them.


Track, monitor and keep up-to-date with your progress on every piece of gym equipment.